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September 12–13, 2024 Museumsquartier Wien

Emerging Technologies, Breakthrough Innovations – the Technology Talks 2024 in a brand new format for the first time in Vienna.

The New

Technology Talks

Tateo Arimoto

Principal Fellow

Center for R&D Strategy, Japan Science and Technology Agency; International Science Council

Tateo Arimoto served as Director General of S&T Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Education and Science, Executive Research Fellow of Economic and Social Research Institute at the Cabinet Office, and Director of Research Institute of S&T for Society at JST. He has played an active role in public policy-making and implementation of STI in Japan and in developing Science of STI policy through transdisciplinary approach.
He has been a steering committee member of the OECD study projects on “Scientific Advice”, “Research Funding System”, “Transdisciplinary Research” and “Mission Oriented Innovation Policy”. He is a board member of International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA), and a member of the Committee of Science Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and United Nations STI for SDGs Forum.

Sessions on Stage:
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