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September 12–13, 2024 Museumsquartier Wien

Emerging Technologies, Breakthrough Innovations – the Technology Talks 2024 in a brand new format for the first time in Vienna.

The New

Technology Talks

Susana Borras

Professor in governance and innovation, Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen School of Business

Susana Borrás is Professor at the Department of Organization at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark. She teaches and conducts research on the interaction between governance and innovation, especially for the grand societal challenges, on topics like: Green innovation diffusion processes; the capacity of public sector organizations implementing green transitions; the design of innovation policy and its instruments; the governance of change and scale-up processes in socio-technical systems; organizational strategies of technology transfer; legitimacy and democracy of science and technology governance; processes of co-creation, participation, and social / policy learning.
Currently, she is leading the research project CAPACITOR, about the capacity of public sector organizations in green transitions.
For more than three decades Susana Borrás has been advising governments and institutions at international and national levels (European Commission, OECD, European Parliament, Danish government, etc. ). She is currently member of the editorial board of five international peer reviewed scientific journals, and seats as well in various executive and scientific advisory committees. She has published extensively in international high-ranked journals and in other relevant outlets. She holds a Degree (UAB, Barcelona 1991) and a PhD (EUI, Florence 1996) in political science and sociology.

Sessions on Stage:
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